Our Company

We believe that API's and Distributed Architectures should not be hard to develop, that most systems are highly redundant and very few engineers understand how to architect Service Oriented Architectures(SOA). We aim not only to simplify but to automate this process as well.

Our Vision

To create simplified, fast and easy to use development tools that reduce development time and scale as you go. One shouldn't have to rebuild the architecture when ones company grows; your tooling should easily be able to adapt with one or two configuration changes.

Our Mission

Everyone should be able to build out API's with ease regardless of their coding ability. With just a limited set of tools and a simple interface, everyone from a novice to an expert can build, configure and deploy their API's and deploy Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).


Why choose BeAPI? There are a multitude of reasons, but here are just a few...

We properly abstracted and automated our system, allowing for improvements in several different ways:

  • Faster Development
  • Reduced I/O Overhead
  • Scales as you Grow
  • Improved Speeds over Traditional API's
  • Multitenancy
  • API Batch Jobs
  • Built-In Localized Cache
  • Built-In API Docs
  • Role/Privilege Checking
  • API Chaining(tm)
  • Webhooks
  • and more!

Owen Rubel

Big Kahuna

Founding team member of Amazon.com from 95-98, Owen has been instrumental in inspiring a new generation of API development and influenced several enterprise companies including Amazon, Netflix, VMWare, Apple, Paypal, Tibco/Mashery, Mulesoft and others.

His research and creation of the new API pattern, API chaining(tm) and shared I/O state have led to increased speed and scalability in distributed systems in multiple enterprise companies and led to articles written about him and his work in ProgrammableWeb, NetworkWorld and other Computing Journals.

He has been asked to speak at the world largest Java conference, SpringOne, the worlds largest API Conference, API World and his work continues to win the accolades of his peers who have stated that his work is '5-10 years ahead of the industry'.


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"This is amazing! This fixes everything we are currently having issues with!"

Peter Motykowski API Manager, Netflix

"About two years ago, Owen Rubel proposed a concept of API Chaining, of which I’ve adapted. Using API Chaining ... has shown a reduction (in overhead) of up to 66%"

Mike Stowe Developer Relations Manager, Mulesoft

"The stuff you do is genius level... You are 5-10 years ahead of the industry."

Kin Lane API Evangelist

"This is Genius."

Deepak Nadig Head of API/Developer Platform Engineering, PayPal

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